Are you struggling to collect underpaid claims for your hospital, ambulatory surgical center, orthopedic surgery group, or free-standing emergency room? Has your back office scrubbed your claims to death and perhaps an outside vendor has squeezed them for as much as they can get? Wait. Before you file away those claims give them to us. We will recover an additional 10% to 20% on those claims with our proprietary underpaid claims recovery system.

How We Help Your Practice

We provide you with healthcare underpayment revenue recovery services through our unique system designed that specializes in:

  • Workers’ compensation claims recovery
  • Out of network health claims recovery
  • PPO claims recovery
  • Auto liability claims recovery

Our innovative approach to healthcare underpayment revenue recovery services is designed to benefit both the payee and the payer through our methodology of fair mark value repricing. Additionally, we strive to ensure our interactions with payers are non-adversarial by maintaining the integrity of your relationship with your payers and creating a partnership with your payers which promotes clear communication and strives for fair resolutions.

Payers we work with have learned from experience that our methods are fair and accurate and as such, they look forward to working with us. Payees also look forward to working with us thanks to our specialized industry knowledge; elaborate, proprietary claims database; and our no-cost, no-risk guarantee. When you work with us, you’re not risking anything — we only get paid if we recover monies for you.

How You Can Get Started

Are you concerned about catching up on past underpayments and making sure you continue to receive payments in the future? Get in touch with Zatera Medical Consultants to learn more about our healthcare underpayment revenue recovery assistance. We’re here to help when you need the extra support after your back office has done all it can and outside vendors have moved on.

Send us a message or call our Executive Vice President, Steve Jarvis, at 614-826-4685.

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